The Maximum Number of Attempts (by a Student)

This value determines the maximum number of attempts a Student has in answering any of the questions in the lesson. In the case of questions which do not provide the answer, for example Short Answer and Numerical questions, this value provides a necessary escape routine to the next page in the lesson.

The default value is 5. Smaller values may discourage the student from thinking about the questions. Larger values may lead to more frustration.

Setting this value to one gives the students just one chance to answer each question. This gives a similar type of assignment to the Quiz module except that the questions are presented on individual pages.

Note that this value is global parameter and that it applies to all the questions in the lesson regardless of their type.

Note that this parameter does not apply to teachers checking of questions or navigating through the lesson. Checking the number of attempts relies on values stored in the database and question attempts by teachers are not recorded. The teacher should after all know the answers!

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